The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD land in stores around the world this next Friday July 16. The adventure starring the brave Link and Princess Zelda will come with all kinds of improvements beyond its renewed technical section; a new publication of Nintendo of America has confirmed the inclusion of the free camera, one of the most welcome additions and widely demanded by the fan community of the original Nintendo Wii title.

The first hours of Skyward Sword HD will have news

“Some changes have been made to the initial hours of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD to make the gaming experience smoother and to take you on your great adventure to the surface world before. Here’s an example where Horwell’s mandatory advice has been adjusted, “Nintendo of America comments from its original publication. tweet does not detail anything about the free camera Skyward Sword HD, it is easily noticeable the addition in the small clip that they include next to the message.

It should be noted that the original version of Skyward Sword do not allow complete control of the camera due to controls limitations; the game was played using the Wii Mote and a Nunchuk, so the player only had one stick to control Link’s movement. At the moment it is unknown how they could have implemented this new functionality, although it is intuited that the camera can be operated with the right stick of the Pro controller or the Joy-Con of Switch, while the movement is relegated to the left stick.

Skyward Sword have numerous improvements

Recently, we have realized that Nintendo could have referenced one of the most famous internet memes in a recent post related to Skyward Sword HD. At Nintendo they want all players to be able to enter the world of this very special Zelda and they published a trailer so that everyone can stay up to date on the mechanics and history. You can read our advance from here. Are you anxious for the arrival of Skyward Sword HD?

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