As surprising as it may seem, Nintendo would have referenced one of the most popular and exploited memes on the entire Internet in a very recent release of his upcoming title for Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, the revamped version of Link’s first adventure, will arrive this next Friday July 16 to all stores. With just a few days to go before its official launch, some very astute users have managed to find one very obvious connection between a screenshot uploaded by Nintendo itself on Twitter and the famous meme of the woman pointing and yelling at the cat.

Xbox has also noticed the reference

“How did I not see this in Skyward Sword? “, comments user Koiji Chan, surprised. In the comparative image attached to his publication, we can see the great similarity that exists between the capture uploaded by Nintendo of America and the popular social media meme. In the first screenshot, Zelda points her finger at a character from Zelda Skyward Sword HD to recriminate something at Link’s surprised eyes. In the second screenshot, you can see the famous meme that we all know. The situation is very similar, since both female characters point with their finger and on the left side another character appears who is surprised by the situation.

Ordinary users are not the only ones who have noticed the reference. Own Microsoft has released a photo of a cat in response to the tweet nintendo original in order to relate the image of Skyward Sword HD with the original meme. Whether the similarity between the two photographs is the result of a coincidence or is totally intentional is a mystery, although the most coherent theory would be that it is a mere coincidence and that Nintendo would have wanted to embrace the meme to promote the video game.

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