The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Nintendo 64 classic released on 1998, had during one of the prototypes a mechanics that allows Link teleporting from one area to another through pthree-dimensional ortales style of Portal, the puzzle game Valve released on 2007, almost a decade later.

Giles Goddard, a former programmer at Nintendo (the first foreign developer to join the Japanese firm), explained in an interview with MinnMaxShow collected by VGC who made several prototypes for the first Zelda three-dimensional. In addition to the technical demo (inserted below) of Zelda 64 shown at the 1995 Nintendo Spaceworld, he also created one in which Link traveled Hyrule through portals.

“I recently came across an old source code file that I had backed up, and it was the first map of Zelda [para] Nintendo 64, only with Hyrule Castle. So I was doing all these experiments, “the now CEO of Chuhai Labs, where he is creating a successor to 1080 Snowboarding, another of his works.

“You have one portal through which you could look, enter and you will be teleported to a different part of the map. You could see through the door a different part of the map, walk through it and go backwards, “explains the developer. “It was pretty cool technology.”he points out, admitting that he can’t post it on the web because it’s owned by Nintendo.

The technology was never used in the main development

That is, never got to think about the in-game implementation. Goddard admits that it was part of the research and development process for the game, aptest what could be done with the hardware 64-bit machine. However, probably the team of main development didn’t even see that demo, according to the programmer, since it was very hard to introduce new technology while the game was already advanced in its development.

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