Nintendo Wii U was a promising console at the time, although it is well known by all that the system never got off the ground in sales and commercial failures, something that ended up ending its life cycle prematurely. Nintendo wanted to aim high with his new console, which seemed to bring a different concept when it comes to playing in the living room, and wanted to demonstrate its full potential with a demo tcnica from The Legend of Zelda that we all remember and that today turns 10 years old.

Zelda HD served as a prelude to know the benefits of Wii U, the new Nintendo console at that time

The demo tcnica from Zelda HD was first shown in the E3 2011 and it could be tested by some lucky ones. The short demonstration served as a small preview to show how far could the console go at power level and, as far as we know, it was never thought of as a future video game. As can be seen in the video in which a journalist has access to the demo, Zelda HD ran in a let’s anterior de Wii U that did not reach the stores. The most notable difference from the version that was marketed are the sticks of Wii U GamePad, more similar to those of Nintendo 3DS in its premature version.

Zelda HD featured a impressive technical section and at the height of what was expected of a new generation. The demo had a certain fixation on showing numerous particle effects, realistic lighting and reflections in real time. Also, allow alternate between day and night to appreciate the lighting details, vary the position of the camera to see the room and the fight scene from different angles and switch main TV screen to GamePad, one of the biggest novelties that the console brought. Despite its brevity, it served as an appetizer for users to get used to the idea of capabilities of the new Nintendo console.

There are not a few users who today continue to demand a The Legend of Zelda with the same or similar appearance. In fact, some noticed the shift between this technical demo and the first glimpse of it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in regards to artistic section. Would you like the next Zelda after the sequel to Breath of the Wild if he had come to?

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