Even if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild debuted four years ago on Nintendo Switch and WiiU, gamers are still discovering new details to this day. This week they managed to solve a mystery that was resisting them: the mysterious chest from Aris beach, which until now had not been able to open. The person in charge of achieving this feat has been the user Kleric, who has shared the moment through Twitter. This was the last “impossible chest” that was left to open in the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, open the last impossible chest in the game

The chest in question is located in the Playa Aris of the game or, rather, below this area. As indicated Swiffy22, the leader of the community of Breath of the Wild, this was the last “impossible” chest left to open that players have been trying to get for a while. Where was the problem? The chest only spawns in the world if you approach 60 meters, but begin to sink immediately and disappear 7 seconds later.

Players have known about this chest for quite some time, but they had yet to find a way to open it. Although they created ice platforms to prevent it from sinking, that did not prevent the chest from disappearing anyway. So Kleric, the one in charge of accomplishing this feat, set to work to try another method: use the power of magnetism, paralysis, bombs and arrows, to be able to intercept it.

It was the last impossible chest left to open

The process is perfectly timed, and in the video we can see how Kleric meticulously uses each of the skills that the game makes available to users. The question that remains to be asked is: What was inside the chest? Many may have imagined that, being the last chest, it would keep an object of great value inside given how difficult it is to open it. Well. For what was inside was a fragment of mbar. At this point, it’s clear that the BOTW community does these things out of the love of art.

Meanwhile, from Nintendo they are making preparations for the launch of the sequel. A game that they have not even been able to reveal the title of so as not to give clues about the story. Debut next 2022, and could have two protagonists according to an interesting theory.

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