Balan Wonderworld, the new platform video game from Yuji Naka, has turned out to be a major disappointment and has failed to satisfy either the press or the public. Due to this bad reception, the creative who participated in the creation of the mascot of Sega, could have abandoned Square Enix so it betrays your personal Facebook profile.

Yuji Naka may have left Square Enix to get involved in other future projects

All expectations were placed on Balan Wonderworld for the good resume that I had Yuji Naka behind their backs. However, as we break it down in our analysis, it has ended up being a video game that falters in many sections and that it has not managed to be a round experience lived up to what was expected of him. The title, which is available for a wide range of systems, seems to have been the cause of the marcha de Yuji Naka de Square Enix. Although there is no official statement about the current state of the relationship between Yuji Naja | and the company, there have been few users who have noticed an update in their profile.

The Facebook official of Yuji Naka indicates in your employment status that “He has worked at Square Enix” in a period from January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2021. The termination date of the employment relationship with Square Enix occurred a month after the release of Balan Wonderworld, which has set off alarms about whether the sales failure and critics of the game have influenced his departure from the company. It is not specified if Yuji Naka was fired by Square Enix or if, on the contrary, he himself resigned from his position voluntarily.

In addition to updating their employment status, from ResetEra they have noticed that Yuji Naka He has taken the opportunity to renew the presentation of his profile, so it could be deduced that he is preparing for new job opportunities. We wish the legendary developer the best and hopefully in his career within the video game industry he can still surprise us with a more convincing proposition than Balan Wonderworld.

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