TimeSplitters 2 has become a cult game in its own right since it went on sale a long time ago October 18, 2002 for PS2 and Xbox and weeks later with its own version for GameCube offering us a shooter that marked little.

This same week it was discovered that TimeSplitters 2 also had a 4K version that was hidden in Homefront: The Revolution (released in 2016) something that ngoodbye had found out so far and that was revealed by Matt Phillips, one of the game’s programmers who is currently on the Rust development team.

This easter egg however had a problem since Matt himself admits that the code to unlock the fully playable version of TimeSplitters 2 at 4K in an arcade present in Homefront: The Revolution he had lost over time. In fact Matt himself commented that years ago he had shared it with a friend to publish it anonymously on a Discord channel … from which he was expelled accused of being a liar.

Precisely this friend was Spencer Perreault, a software design engineer currently working for Xbox who has appeared to save us the day and allow us to enjoy TimeSplitters 2 at 4K unveiling the code that unlocks the game and that you can see right here below (also works on PC and PS4 by pressing the corresponding keys):

Also once we access this remaster of TimeSplitters 2 on HomeFront: The Revolution we can unlock different levels and game modes using these codes:

An excellent first person shooter

TimeSplitters 2 was and is a shooter in the first person excellent as we tell you in our analysis in 2002, counting on a campaign “a considerable duration for a single player and a multiplayer mode that those with a multitap handy should not miss out under any circumstances. Good technical sections complete the set, and make TimeSplitters 2 the best first-person shooter out there today.“.

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