Yoshionori Ono May 1 be the new president and chief operating officer (COO, chief operating officer) from Delightoworks, the Japanese studio responsible for the success for mobile Fate/Grand Order and the publication of the next Melty Blood: Type Lumina, a game of two-dimensional fight for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to arrive in 2021.

Ono was producer at Capcom for 30 years until August 2020, when he announced his departure. After working on sagas like Mega Man, Street Fighter Y Onimusha, was in charge of the general production of Chaos Legion and was enshrined in the Japanese firm with the successes of Dead Rising Y Street Fighter IV.

At the same time that Ono, the founder and current president of Delightworks, Akihito Shouji, assume the role of director and chief executive officer (CEO) also on May 1. Under Shouji’s leadership, the firm launched the popular Fate/Grand Order, a turn-based fighting game with mechanics until that in 2019 (four years after its premiere) had generated more than 3000 million dollars.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina, a 2D fighting game, to be published by the studio

The study’s next game, at least in publication, is Metly Blood: Type Lumina, will be released throughout 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One y PC. This is a new installment of a fighting game with characters taken from a 2002 visual novel called Meruti Buraddo. There have been four fighting games and a Japanese comic.

From Delightworks they promise “a cast of more than 10 characters” based on the story of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, “with improved visual effects, as well as high definition environments typical of a new film title. Tsukushime. The battle system has also been rebuilt from the ground up for a more modern feel.

“This new system uses combined attacks that can be easily carried out by repeatedly pressing buttons, allowing players less familiar with fighting games to enjoy exhilarating combat”, you can read on the official website, where they promise to keep ” the essence of previous games “.

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