As if it were the screen that Sony itself marketed for its PS One or as those third-party solutions that allow the Nintendo GameCube to be transformed into a portable machine, the manufacturer UPspec Gaming presented us xScreen at the beginning of June: a screen that transforms Xbox Series S into a machine porttil (requires that it is connected to a socket). The crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter started a few hours ago and took just 20 minutes, according to VGC, in getting the minimum that guarantees the development of the product.

Before Kickstarter, those interested could pre-order xScreen for $ 159 instead of the $ 249 it presumably cost in stores. At the time of this writing, 346 backers have contributed 46,048 euros (A minimum of 8,228 euros was requested) and there are still 28 days of campaign. There are just over 250 units with a 20% discount compared to the price it will have in stores, 169 euros (which would leave the screen in 135.2 approximately plus shipping costs). Once they are finished, the discount applied to Kickstarter patrons will be 12% (about 149 euros plus shipping costs). Delivery is scheduled for January 2022.

The screen reaches 1080p and 60 fps

The screen has a size of 11.6 inch and it is of the type IPS. Connects directly to the console through a port HDMI, while receiving current from the system with the port USB. The maximum resolution is 1080p and has a refresh rate of 60 hertz, so games will not be able to run at 120 frames per second if supported. Also, the device has a 5-watt speaker. Its weight is 695 grams.

The creators of the device explain on the Kickstarter page that they made xScreen for themselves, so that they could play when the home screen was busy or when visiting friends and family. “We got such a positive response that we thought you might like it too …” say these Sydney creators.

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