2K has released in some territories XCOM Legends on Google Play for Android, a title that had not been officially announced. This free title in the series XCOM It is developed by Iridium Starfish, a Californian team related to Take-Two Interactive Software, which owns 2K. “We are constantly exploring and testing new experiences to bring the best entertainment and value to our fans,” 2K told Eurogamer. “Iridium Starfish has done a ‘soft launch’ of XCOM Legends in limited territories, but we have no more information to give at this time. “At this time it is not available for download in Spain.

On YouTube we can find some videos of the game, which will be an RPG with a group of characters, a campaign with waves of enemies and PvP battles – player against player – that we can overcome with teams of up to five heroes. His story will once again deal with defending Earth against an alien invasion. Legendary heroes can be unlocked to use in battles, with more characters and rewards depending on our progress.

“Free the Earth in XCOM Legends“says its description,” a new turn-based RPG for mobiles. Take control of XCOM, one of the last resistance groups on the planet, and lead the offensive to take back the planet from the invading alien tyrants known as ADVENT. ” The story takes place 20 years after the surrender of the Earth, with the war over and humanity defeated. “To exterminate the last guerrillas of the resistance the aliens have liberated an ancient Evil.”

No date for its official launch

There is no news yet on the date for its launch in all territories, and there is also no information on a new XCOM for home systems. Last June, several 2K projects were leaked and among them is the next Firaxis, Codename CODA, which will be a game of style strategy XCOM but licensed from Marvel that would have famous actors for the voice of the characters, basically a “XCOM with the Marvel heroes. “

XCOM Legends for Android

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