The strategy of XCOM: Chimera Squad debut in computers last April 2020, at which time Spanish and world players were able to enjoy this commitment to strategy, action and combat against these aliens. Developed by Firaxis and 2K Games, now the game will be pointing to debut on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon thanks to a new PEGI rating that has appeared recently.

XCOM: Chimera Squad podr

XCOM: Chimera Squad aims to debut on consoles

The European video game and entertainment software classification system, GO (Pan European Game Information), has recently published the rankings for the game XCOM: Chimera Squad in their console versions. Next to each version is noted as the release date March 26, but it seems that this is simply a placeholder since the game does not appear in the digital stores of these platforms.

There has been no official news about the launch of Chimera Squad on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Although, given the popularity of the series and that many other of its deliveries are available on these consoles, no wonder this title also ends up debuting on this hardware. The fact that it has appeared the PEGI rating could assume that an announcement is imminent, as it usually happens in other cases.

PEGI classifies XCOM: Chimera Squad for consoles

With a more narrative formula and fights that offer a more direct approach, XCOM: Chimera Squad debuted on PC last April 2020 for a price of 19,99 . Another novelty introduced in this game is that the turns are based on a automatic initiation system: This causes enemies and allies to be spread across alternate shifts, what it offers many other possibilities to the strategic facet of the game.

“A new installment of the saga that serves as a test bed for the future of the same, adding some very interesting and fun playable mechanics, “we wrote in our analysis of the game.

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