Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, has participated in an interview for the 20th anniversary of the gaming brand Microsoft. In the hour that the talk lasts, there has been time to talk about various topics, one of them being the next exclusives that the company will launch on Xbox Series X / S and PC. One of the most anticipated, without a doubt, is Avowed, a fantastic new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment that we saw its first trailer just a year ago.

Although we have hardly known more information about this project since then, Spencer wanted to take this today to highlight how excited he is with the new game from Obsidian Entertainment. In fact, he has assured that Xbox is interested in giving the studio everything they need to make this their biggest project: “We want to give Obsidian the budget and the time they need so that they develop the best game that they can develop, “he said.

“It was the game they wanted to do”

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, also said of Avowed that “it was the game they wanted to make” at Obsidian Entertainment when the game was released last year, at which point we were able to see a awesome trailer of the project that, at the moment, is the only thing that has been published. You can see it below:

Avowed is a first-person role-playing title set in the world of Eora, where the games of Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment saga. In this universe the undead roam freely and magic is something common and useful to confront them; both our magical abilities, which are activated by drawing runes in the air, and our technique with the sword will be crucial to face what seems to be a dark and hostile fantasy world.

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