Since Xbox showed Series X for the first time, the jokes comparing its design to that of a frigorphic they began to run like gunpowder. However, the company did not take it the wrong way and they hugged the meme so strong that they even created merchandising With him: Xbox Series X coolers were made real and even shipped to well-known personalities such as Snoop Dogg or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Now The company has announced that it will produce mini coolers for Xbox Series X so anyone can buy it.

Has been Aaron Greenberg, one of the marketers at Xbox, who has organized everything to make the Xbox Series X mini-fridges a reality. It all started when the official Twitter account launched one, a priori, innocent survey between two brands: Xbox and Skittles. They asked users of the social network to vote for the brand that tweets the best, but both companies quickly went ahead to spice up the survey.

Xbox wins by 1% difference and will begin production of mini fridges this year

On the one hand, Skittles promised that if they won the poll they would go back to making a lime candy that was discontinued in 2013, when it was replaced by apple flavored. Aaron Greenberg, from Xbox, went for it by ensuring that If your company won the survey, they will make Xbox Series X mini-fridges. Both brands insisted that it wasn’t a jokeBut they were really willing to go ahead with those plans if they turned out to be the most voted.

Finally Xbox won the poll by 1% more than around 341,000 votes there has been and Aaron Greenberg has thanked the fans who have led the video game brand to victory. He has subsequently confirmed that production of Xbox Series X mini fridges will begin this year, insisting that it is no joke. Of course, we still do not know when they will arrive or what price they will have, but at least we know that at some point we will be able to have a replica of the console at home. next-gen in which to cool our drinks.

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