Xbox Espaa brings good news for those of you who were waiting for stock of Xbox Series X. From the official Twitter of the company they have announced that from 19:00 CEST there will be stock of the console in the Microsoft Store, so it is convenient that you write down the schedule well if you want to have a possibility of being able to reserve the console next-gen.

Xbox Series X will be available from 7:00 p.m. CEST in the Microsoft Store

The message of Xbox Espaa is accompanied by link from which you can try your luck. If you click on it, you can access the official website of the Microsoft Store, which contains a detailed description of Xbox Series X: “We present the Xbox Series X, the Xbox fastest and most powerful ever. Play thousands of games from four generations of consoles – they all look better and are better on the Xbox Series X. Purchase limit of 1 console per customer“Due to stock issues for the console since its launch, the units that users can purchase are limited to one console per customer.

In addition to being able to buy the new console Microsoft, the Microsoft Store offers a 20% discount for those lucky enough who want to accompany the acquisition of their new console with a second command. Taking into account the constant stock problems that Microsoft and other companies are having, this is a very good opportunity to try your luck and get hold of the console.

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