Xbox has shown a new ad titled Video games change your world that reviews some of the next releases for Xbox Series X | S, PC and Xbox One arriving throughout the second half of the year, beginning on July 27 with Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox Series X | S, the console version of this airplane simulator released on PC last August. After he arrived, on August 25, Psychonauts 2 Double Fine’s psychic powered adventure platformer. On October 12 you will be able to reunite with your friends to survive the attack of the zombies in Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead developed by the same team, Turtle Rock Studios.

On October 28, one of the most remembered real-time strategy games among fans of the genre returns, Age of Empires IV, a new installment that will transport you to the heart of the historical battles that shaped the world. On November 9, we will be able to explore the Mexican landscape at full speed in Forza Horizon 5, the new installment in this open world driving series. Finally in autumn or Christmas, not yet confirmed, the expected Halo Infinite with the new campaign of the Master Chief and its competitive mode.

“Come in and discover amazing new worlds, become mighty heroes, experience gripping stories and discover many games that you will love. Six incredible releases in six months. Play them from day one with Xbox Game Pass“Microsoft reminds us of the games shown in the video.

Halo Infinite is coming this year

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has ensured that there will be no more delays with Halo Infinite and arrive this year, but its specific date will be decided soon depending on the releases of the next few months. “For us, we know our range is at … 3-4 weeks, but we don’t have the exact date yet. There are some other things, like timing relative to other games, that we are trying to analyze,” Spencer said. without citing cases like the new one Call of Duty, which has not yet been submitted.

Xbox reviews some of its releases for the pr

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