Xbox wanted to join the celebration of the World Day to Promote Awareness on Web Accessibility (GAAD), an annual event designed to reflect and establish a framework for conversation and thinking about the accessibility of digital technologies and the different types of users. To contribute its grain of sand, the green house has announced the implementation of new features, tools and activities. A whole set of features looking for support communities of players with disabilities.

Xbox: New Accessibility Features on the Occasion of GAAD

Anita Mortaloni, director of the Xbox Accessibility department, has shared on the company’s official blog the new strategies outlined by the Redmond firm to build bridges to all types of users. New features and tools offer players with disabilities more opportunities to give feedback on titles or apps they like, as of power experience the game in new ways.

Accessibility options allow more people to play, and with an estimate of more than 400 million gamers with disabilities on the planet, we are committed to unleashing the potential for everyone to experience the joys and benefits of gaming, “he writes on the Mortaloni blog. Xbox and its commitment to Accessibility goes a long way, with Phil Spencer wanting to break barriers in the world of video games as early as 2018.

“Accessibility options allow more people to play”

“We know that video games have the power to bring people together as part of a community and connect through shared experiences“Mortaloni continues.” Empowering players with disabilities to play wherever they want and with the people they want is something we are passionate about. It’s about listening and meeting the needs of all our players, knowing that your needs may change throughout the day or your life“.

New accessibility features

  • New accessibility features in games like Minecraft and Gears 5.
  • On Gears 5, players will find the characteristic Navigation Ping Help players with low or no vision navigate complex environments in Escape mode. In addition, new support features on the most difficult settings. You can also disable camera shake and it will help to target more beginner players with the Target Lock.

    On the other hand, in Minecraft we discovered three novelties in this regard: one new achievement screen that facilitates navigation, a more granular audio control Y new textures for minerals, designed for those players who have difficulties when it comes to reading colors.

  • Xbox Accessibility Insider League
  • This is a new program that offers players an easy way to share your accessibility tips directly with Xbox engineering or game development teams. Furthermore, the feedback received will also help developers to make their games as accessible as possible.

  • Gaming and Disability Player Experience Guide
  • It consists of a resource for game creators understand the most common accessibility barriers players face.

  • New voice-to-text and text-to-speech features in Xbox Group Chat
  • These new tools will help the communication of the players, since it allows to transcribe the voice to text, and synthesize the voice from the text.

    You can find all these detailed news on the official Xbox blog.

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