Everything points to what the collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Xbox is getting closer. Although this week we tell you that Kojima and the green house have practically closed their agreement, today the sources continue to delve into the matter. According to reports, Microsoft has approached positions with the Japanese creative to publish your new game via agreement. It would be the second game to be born by Kojima Productions after Kojima’s independence from Konami, and following the debut of Death Stranding. It looks like it was a game for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Kojima, Xbox and its next title

Last April it was indicated that Microsoft was in talks to sign with Hideo Kojima the publication of its next video game. Thursday, from VentureBeat they reported that Redmond’s firm and Kojima had drawn up a letter of intent, making clear their intentions to work together on a new title for Xbox. Although the agreement has not yet been formalized, the truth is that it has represented an important advance for the negotiations between both parties.

“The deal is so close that Microsoft has started preparing for what Kojima will need to make his new game, “the reports now state. Recall that, earlier this month, Xbox Game Studios appointed Kim Swift, designer of Portal Y Left 4 Dead, as the new senior director of cloud gaming. It seems that this appointment was made in order to assist Kojima in this project.

“The deal is so close that Microsoft has started to prepare for what Kojima will need to make his new game.”

And, to all this, what does Kojima say? The truth is that the father of the saga Metal Gear I’d been busy these last few months working on an episodic horror game that was going to be released on Stadia. This project may have jumped under the umbrella of Xbox and its cloud technology. The Kojima Productions studio has already been dedicating its efforts to the new title, with the art director Yoji Shinkawa pointing out that they hope to “announce soon” this next game.

On the other hand, sources also reported that Sony would have been the one who would have turned its back on Kojima, which would have led to its consequent alliance with Xbox to release its next game. As insiders pointed out, the commercial performance of Death Stranding It would not have been the one expected by the Japanese firm.

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