Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has pointed the collaboration on technical matters among the studies of Xbox Game Studios and ZeniMax Media firms such as id Software, Bethesda Game Studios and others. The manager has participated in a round table focused on the presentation of the companies that will be housed under the Microsoft umbrella after the sounded acquisition of ZeniMax for $ 7.5 billion that was approved on March 9.

“When you think about the id Software’s ability and their collaboration and discussion with The Coalition and 343 Industries, and basically the range of first and third person shooter games we have, the studios out there, I think there is incredible potential“says Spencer in reference to the studies responsible for Doom, Gears of War Y Halo, respectively.

idtech7 doom eternal

Id Software’s current graphics engine, the idTech7, has been praised for its performance fluid and especially for the good benefit it makes of the processor in both consoles and computers. Spencer has also dedicated a few words about the engine itself: “The other thing we haven’t talked about is the future of idTech and what that could mean within Xbox“.

“Obviously, you know, we have a lot of studios doing a lot of different jobs,” says the head of Xbox. “I love the way Marty Stratton [productor ejecutivo de id Software] I talked about how they have collaborated with our Bethesda studios at idTech and I just think about it on the next level“.

“For example, what can we do within our organization with idTech, which is one of the best graphics engines in the world out there, and just transform it into a tool for many developers to achieve their vision“. Although idTech has been used primarily for Doom Y Quake, there is a very different title that also uses it, as you remember from Wccftech: the first The Evil Within.

The first results of the Bethesda purchase

Other important news emerged from the aforementioned round table. For example, the inclusion of 20 Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass this March 12, the announcement of a Summer event with Bethesda news and future exclusivity of ZeniMax Media games on platforms with Xbox Game Pass.

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