Microsoft has left clues on Twitter indicating the arrival of Outriders a Xbox Game Pass, the company’s subscription service that gives access to hundreds of games on Xbox consoles, PCs and Android phones for a monthly fee. The aforementioned People Can Fly game (Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm) edited by Square Enix is a third person shooter game with RPG mechanics What is the premiere? April 1st en Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4 y Google Stadia.

The posted message is similar to many others teasers that they have released in the past, as they did with Doom Eternal and with Control before they were included in the service. The tweet shows an alleged leaked email from a certain “Melissa McGamepass” and mentions two terms that relate it to Outriders: “mysterious signal” and “anomaly”.

“Much news today! I hope you do not mind if I add more! (Although it has no relation to the other announcements)”, they say, in relation to the 20 juegos de Bethesda aadidos a Xbox Game Pass. “This new game has been confirmed and officially coming into service. As always, please keep it confidential.” Before concluding, they ask: “Has anyone else noticed a mysterious signal appearing in the distance or am I the anomaly in this situation?”.

Precisely, the plot of Outriders takes players to the planet Enoch, a place that humanity tried to colonize, but the plan came out regular because of the Anomalies, different types of environmental phenomena that alter life of the place. The players, with powers obtained thanks to these Anomalies, have as a mission investigate a mysterious sign of unknown provenance that could help put an end to that phenomenon.

Square Enix give more details of Outriders On March 18th

The publisher of the game will celebrate on March 18 a Square Enix Presents where they have promised that they will give more details of Outriders; perhaps among these novelties is its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass. Remember that Outriders has available a demonstration of approximately three hours in which all progress will be carried over to the final version.

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