What about future Bethesda games? That is the question that the gaming community and the industry in general has asked, since last September we learned that Microsoft was preparing to purchase $ 7.5 billion of ZeniMax Media; an acquisition that has received the green light from Europe this week to go through. In a recent interview, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox house, wanted to better clarify the position of the Redmond company regarding the upcoming titles of Bethesda.

Xbox Game Pass and Future Bethesda Games: A Matter of Exclusivity

During his speech at the panel discussion dedicated to the relationship between Xbox and Bethesda last night, Phil Spencer decided once and for all to put the magnifying glass on the issue that seems to concern the players the most: What about Bethesda games? “I see it in the community, I hear it on podcasts and in all the questions they ask us,” Spencer says “So I’m going to try to be as clear as possible because I think it’s fair.”.

Obviously I can’t sit here and say that all Bethesda games are going to be exclusive [de Xbox], because we know that’s not true, “Spencer began by explaining.”There are contractual obligations that we will fulfill. We have games that exist on other platforms, and we will support those games on all platforms they are on. There are communities of players; we love those communities and we will continue to invest in them. And even in the future there could be … contractual or legacy things on different platforms that we will do as well. “

“There are contractual obligations that we are going to fulfill”

With that said, Spencer prepares to get to the heart of the matter: “But if you are an Xbox customer”, he continued, “what I want you to know is that this it is about offering excellent exclusive games for you, which will be distributed on platforms where Game Pass exists. And that is our goal“The importance of the subscription service for Microsoft is more than palpable, especially considering that it has managed to gather more than 18 million subscribers.”That is the root of this association that we are building, and the creative capacity that we can bring to market for Xbox customers will be the best that Xbox has ever had once we’re done here, “concludes Spencer.

In other words: games that are currently available on other platforms should not be affected for the purchase of ZeniMax by Microsoft; nor will they ignore pre-existing exclusivity agreements: like the temporary exclusivities of Deathloop Y GhostWire: Tokyo and PS5. Future games, however, will be exclusive “where Game Pass exists.”, which currently means Xbox consoles, PC and any platform capable of accessing the service through the cloud. In the meantime, Game Pass today, March 12, 20 Bethesda games are added to its library.

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