Last week, a great controversy struck God of War: Ragnarok, the new title being developed by Santa Monica Studios exclusively for PlayStation. God of War: Ragnarok has officially delayed its launch until 2022 and be intergenerational, so it can be enjoyed by users who have a PS4 and have not yet been able to make the leap to PS5 due to lack of stock. Due to this information, not a few users attacked Alanah Pearce, scriptwriter who is part of the team led by Cory Barlog.

Phil Spencer and other well-known personalities support Cory Barlog and take a stand against bullying

Director of God of War he wanted to show his discontent and indignation with the toxic reaction that the community had with the developer and responded to the comments with a forceful and clear message: “If you want to be angry with someone for ANYTHING related to God of War: delay, versions of PS4/PS5, the trolls, the size of the subtitles, Sigrun or whatever, you get mad at me. ” Den He had the support of the community, which applauded his intervention and the clarity of his words. In addition to the users, other well-known personalities in the video game industry have wanted to express their words of support, as has been the case with Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss: “This is what leadership looks like. Well done“, something to which Den he replied with a simple “Thank you, my friend.”

Phil Spencer has not been the only person known to have supported the position of Cory Barlog. Imran Khan, former senior editor of Game Informer and current news editor at Fanbyte, commented the following: “Give people like that. They don’t deserve good things.” Fran Mirabella, former vice president of IGN, comment on tweet original from Den and cited Alanah Pearce with a message of encouragement: “Oh, this is all nonsense. Sorry to everyone! I know you expect it and someone has to be a shield. But no one should have to apologize (or suffer threats) for making art. Frankly, I hope it takes longer. I can (* can’t) wait! Unfortunately, the gaming world is still not spared numerous cases of harassment and takedown.

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