Microsoft announced in January that gamers Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S you will not have to pay for Xbox Live Gold to play free multiplayer titles like Fortnite: Battle Royale, Rocket League Y Call of Duty: Warzone. This Wednesday, March 24, they have started test these changes with the players pointed to Programa Insider de Xbox.

In addition to the free multiplayer for games free to play, Xbox users who do not pay for Xbox Live Gold will also be able to use the group voice chat and the functionality of search for groups of players, something they had not previously announced. The test can be accessed by those enrolled in the insider program who belong to the grupo Alpha Skip Ahead o Alpha.

Brad Rossetti, head of the Xbox Preview Program and who has transmitted these news, has not clarified on Twitter for how long these changes in the service will be in the testing phase prior to its availability to the general public. The changes place the free functionalities of Microsoft’s online service on a par with those of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, where it has always been free to play games. free to play.

Xbox Live changes name to Xbox network

This week Microsoft has changed the name of the online network of their consoles. Xbox Live, the term that was used to call it, is now Xbox network. The term Xbox Live Gold se conserva for the monthly subscription that allows you to play paid titles online and receive four free games every month, in addition to having access to additional discounts in the Microsoft Store.

The Redmond company announced that it will make the game free online in the titles free to play hours after announcing a price hike on Xbox Live Gold that reversed behind the uproar that took place in networks social media, forums and opinion pieces from the media.

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