The French media Le Figaro has interviewed Matt Booty, director de Xbox Game Studios, and in the talk he gave some details of the near future of the company and its relationship to Bethesda after the ZeniMax acquisition last September for a figure that amounts to 7.5 billion euros. Although the interview is a paid article exclusively for subscribers, its author, Chlo Woitier, has published the most important points on your personal Twitter account.

One of the novelties to highlight is that Booty has confirmed that Xbox and Bethesda to hold a joint conference in the coming weeks. You have not specified when this event will be, but it appears that it may coincide in time with the E3 2021, which will be held from June 12 to 15 in online format and where it has been rumored that this joint presentation could take place, or with the Summer Game Fest 2021, Geoff Keighley event that will start on June 10 but where the participation of these two companies is not confirmed.

Bethesda games on Game Pass from launch day

In addition to this announcement, the head of Xbox Game Studios has spoken at length about the relationship of the two companies, as well as the goals and priorities now that the union is consolidated. One of the things that Matt Booty has clarified is that expect Bethesda games to be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, as is already the case with first-party from the video game firm Microsoft. Still, it’s something they seem to be leaving to Bethesda because they don’t want to get too involved in their publishing, ruling out introducing their teams in the company’s sales, marketing and communication departments.

Xbox also wants to give Bethesda complete creative freedom, according to Booty, as they already do with the rest of the labels they have acquired over the years. The director has also spoken about the purchase of studios, answering that “he cannot share anything” when the journalist asks him if they have bought any new studios or if they plan to do so.

Lastly, Matt Booty has also stated that Xbox developments have been affected by the COVID-19, something that especially has had repercussions in the new IPs, and not so much in the sequels that were already in production. We recently learned, according to statements by Ben Decker, Head of Game Services at Xbox, that the studies They are working on a new saga for Xbox Game Pass “that will blow our minds”. In fact, it was also confirmed, by a job offer, that Bethesda is developing an unannounced new game.

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