There is much talk about how they will carry out Xbox y Bethesda their respective conferences of the E3 2021, the first major event after Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax last September. Everything indicates that both companies could make a joint presentation, although with limited spaces, and now new information indicates that said retransmission It could be held on Sunday June 13 at a time slot close to 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

Has been Jeff Grubb, Venture Beat contributor, who has disclosed this information in a recent streaming on his personal Twitch channel. In that same broadcast, he specified that Xbox announce details this week of its presentation of E3 2021, although the company has not made an official statement at the moment.

Xbox and Bethesda by

Xbox confirmed an event with Bethesda “in the next few weeks”

What Xbox has confirmed, via Matt Booty, director de Xbox Game Studios, is that “in the next few weeks” they will celebrate an event with Bethesda. Although in his statements do not specify the date, that wide time window fits with the information that points to a presentation on Sunday, June 13. In that same interview, Booty made it clear that Xbox does not want to meddle in Bethesda’s creative or advertising decisions, which also fits the theory that the E3 2021 press conference could be joint, but bounded.

If Jeff Grubb succeeds in his cabals, this week we will know exactly when Xbox and Bethesda will hold their E3 2021 press conference. What we will not know yet will be the surprise announcements that the companies will show during the event, although there are also rumors about that: Microsoft has been said that bring five new triple A’s to your presentation, according to insider Klobrille, while Bethesda is looking forward to that trailer of Starfield to finally reveal his release date, although it does not look like it will come out before the end of 2022.

On Vandal we are collecting all the information from E3 2021 here, with schedules, confirmed and absent companies, parallel conferences …

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