Xbox y Bethesda They face their first major joint event after Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax last September. Both companies will hold a virtual presentation at the E3 2021, specifically on Sunday, June 13 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), and since there are only a few days left until that awaited moment arrives, today they wanted to go warming up engines with a special illustration that unites the universes of both firms.

“Universes: Collided. Dinner: Served”, you can read in the tweet who has published the official Xbox account, a message accompanied by a great illustration inspired by the popular painting Freedom from Want, by the American painter Norman Rockwell, only changing the endearing couple of American grandparents for a slightly more bloodthirsty: BJ Blazkowicz, protagonist of the saga Wolfenstein, and the Master Chief with his armor of Halo Infinite, two franchises of which, according to rumors, we will have news during E3 2021.

The Xbox and Bethesda families come together before E3 2021

At the table, waiting for the juicy turkey that Blazkowicz and the Master Chief are about to place, there are waiting characters from the main Xbox and Bethesda franchises: Battletoads, Psychonauts 2, Sea of Thieves by the gaming firm Microsoft and, as far as Bethesda is concerned, again, characters from Wolfenstein. Fans of the shooting franchise have wanted to see here a clue about that possible Wolfenstein III that could be presented during E3 2021.

We will have to wait until Sunday, June 13, to see if in this illustration there are clues about the possible announcements of Xbox and Bethesda at E3 2021 or not. For now speculations suggest that it will be a busy conference in which we will see news of long-awaited games Starfield or the new Forza Motorsport, which is no longer called Forza Motorsport 8. There would also be some surprises, such as a supposed announcement of The Outer Worlds 2 by Obsidian Entertainment, an appearance by IO Interactive to show their rumored Project Dragon or the announcement of the mysterious Project Typhoon, which would be a cooperative open world blockbuster developed by an external studio for Xbox Game Studios.

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