Sales of hardware in the United States they have reaped good numbers throughout the month of June. Console consumers have invested more than 401 million dollars in acquiring a next generation game console, a data that supposes a considerable increase of 112% compared to the same period in 2020. According to The NPD Group, this significant increase comes from growing interest in the new generation of consoles. The Xbox Series X / S sales rebound is blamed on the success of Xbox’s E3 2021.

Xbox wins in total dollars, Nintendo in console sales

“Sales of hardware of videogames in June increased 112% compared to June 2020; 401 million dollars. This is the highest total reached in a June from $ 617 million in 2008“They have confirmed from The NPD Group. The recovery of the world as the effects caused by the pandemic are dissipating has helped enormously to that the data of sales of consoles are much more positive than those of 2020.” The expense of the consumers of hardware so far this year has increased by 45% compared to the first half of 2020, up to 2.3 billion dollars, “they commented.

“Xbox Series X / S was the platform for hardware who raised the most dollars during the month of June, while Nintendo Switch leader in unit sales. This has been the best month of June for the Xbox brand in terms of console sales. June dollar sales of Xbox consoles set a new record for the Xbox platform, beating the previous record set in June 2011, “they said. Nintendo’s hybrid console is not far behind, as by 2021 as a whole, Switch is still the dominant console par excellence. “Nintendo Switch was the platform for hardware most sold during the first half of 2021 in sales both in dollars and in units. “

Xbox Series X / S was the hardware platform that raised the most dollars during the month of June, while Nintendo Switch leader in unit sales

PS5 is also not far behind

PlayStation 5, still in limited supply due to lack of components, continues to set records of its own. “PS5 is still the platform for hardware the fastest selling in America. “Hopefully the recovery of consoles continues to go from strength to strength.

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