THQ Nordic has announced that Wreckfest, your driving game in the purest style Destruction Derby, has just received a major update that, among other things, allow us to play at 60 images per second and at 4K resolution on Xbox Series X, which is great news for users of Microsoft’s new machine.

The update

Of course, it does not end here, since Bugbear, its developer, has taken the opportunity to add a multitude of small improvements here and there, as well as to correct a good number of programming errors. What’s more, now online leaderboards for tournament events should work much better on Xbox, since before they did not finish displaying the rankings reliably. If you are interested in checking in detail all the changes and corrections that this update introduces, you can find the full patch notes at the following link.

Nor can we forget to mention that the new tournament of Woodland Dash and that there are new routes to Pinehills Raceway. In addition, we can get the new car for free. Hammerhead RS.

A game that goes to the point

Wreckfest is available in Spain for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the analysis that we dedicated to it when it was put on sale we told you that
“we really like games like Wreckfest, that cut to the chase and offer hassle-free driving and fun. In fact, Bugbear offers as many hassle driving as we like, so it is an ideal title both for those who want a simcade title and for those who prefer something a little more demanding and realistic. “In addition, we add that” in one way or another, Wreckfest We find it very fun and entertaining, and it is emerging as a great option for those who enjoy this subgenre. “

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