Wreckfest reach PlayStation 5 the June 1 at a reduced price of 39,99 euros. Those who already had it on PlayStation 4 can to update to the new generation version by 9,99 euros. The PS5 edition of the Bugbear Entertainment arcade offers resolution and performance improvements, but also visual add-ons, gameplay and use of the DualSense.

In mid-March the Tournament Update March 2021 de Wreckfest, adding a new game mode, correcting errors in online leaderboards, solving bugs and introducing other improvements. That free update also optimized the game on Xbox Series X / S, increasing the resolution up to 4K on both machines and setting the fluency at 60 fps and 30 fps respectively.

However, the editor THQ Nordic explains in a press release issued by Gematsu that the PS5 version is specific: “The PlayStation 5 version offers the best experience of Wreckfest on consoles of all time and takes full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 5 hardware. “

“The new version not only offers visual enhancements such as dynamic dirt on vehicles, better textures and enhanced visuals, “they add.” Plus, it also runs in wonderful resolution 4K at a smooth 60 frames per second. The multiplayer now has 24 players, for an even more intense carnage on the racetracks. “

Wreckfest PS5 tr

Graphics improvements on PS5

On the visual side, the PS5 version adds to the PS4 version, in addition to 4K / 60fps: dynamic dirt in vehicles; shadows, particles and iluminacin of improved environments; textures higher resolution; ms vegetacin; new effects for footprints of cars and glare. In addition, it is added Optical response to DualSense and charging times faster.

“We really like games like Wreckfest, who get to the point and offer hassle-free driving and fun“, we said in our analysis. “In fact, Bugbear offers as many complications to drive as we want, making it an ideal title for both those who want a simcade as for those who prefer something a little more demanding and realistic. “

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