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World’s End Club, the new and long-awaited title of the creatives behind the sagas Danganronpa Y Zero Escape, reach Nintendo Switch the next May 28. Those who want to get hold of this peculiar work can now reserve it at TTDV, where its Deluxe Edition is available for pre-purchase by 45,99 with free shipping costs.

The Deluxe Edition World’s End Club includes, in addition to the base game, all this additional content:

  • Mini Book of Art “Go-Getters Club yearbook”
  • Sample of the Original Soundtrack “Anthem of Friendship” (Download code)
  • Reversible card

Side action in company

This new title recovers that peculiar style of visual novel to tell us the story of some children, the 12 members of the Good Star Club, who set out on a captivating journey through Japan in a peculiar story full of suspense. We are facing an adventure of action in side scrolling in which both moments alone and in company with a group that will have to face both obstacles and monsters they will not make the trip easy.

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