Players have already become familiar with the cloud power and the game goes streaming present in services like xCloud from Microsoft, GeForce Now from NVIDIA, Stadia from Google or PlayStation Now from Sony that allow us to enjoy some of our favorite titles from different devices.

Now Microsoft is the one that wants to go one step further so that we can also use the cloud to work and perform other types of tasks by announcing Windows 365, a new system that will allow us to install our favorite version of Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the cloud to run over the internet with almost any device that has a minimally decent connection.

This will allow us that from your Released August 2 we can have a computer in the cloud from which we can use the latest versions of Windows and its applications from Android, iOS, Linux or MAC devices being able to take our virtual “desktop” anywhere to work, play multimedia content, access our files or even play games.

Windows 365 is built “on top of” Azure virtual desktops and works in a similar way to xCloud with users selecting the size of their system installation, the characteristics of their cloud PC, and the space they will have available through the different subscription modalities which Microsoft has not yet discussed.

The future of Windows passes through Windows 365 and Windows 11

With the announcement of Windows 365, Microsoft makes it clear to us where the future of Windows passes to be strongly linked to the power of the cloud and also to Windows 11, its next operating system that will arrive at the end of the year on our computers and that will be a completely free update for current Windows 10 users who will see in the new OS a completely renewed software at a visual level that integrates the Xbox application natively and that can run Android applications among other features.

If you want, you can already try Windows 11 thanks to Microsoft’s Windows Insider program.

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