Who has not had to suffer on more than one occasion that annoying blue screen that indicated a critical error in Windows What made our departure or work go to waste, forcing us to restart the computer and cross our fingers so that nothing more serious had happened? Some of us, as long as we have seen it, have even taken a liking to this screenshot known as Blue Screen of Death That didn’t indicate anything good in the operating system most used by PC gamers.

Now Microsoft is preparing to change the “identity” of this iconic error message in Windows 11, the new operating system that will be released at the end of the year and that completely change the color of this error message to say goodbye to blue and welcome the negro.

Tom Warren, del portal The Verge, has been in charge of giving the news showing an example at the start of Windows 11 in which we see how some type of serious problem occurs, giving way to now Black Screen of Death in which we see a sad “little face” that tells us that our computer has some kind of problem. In the lower left we see a small blue QR, a guide to the past that we can scan with our phone to obtain more information about the critical failure that our PC has suffered.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has raised the possibility of changing the color of its mythical blue screen since in the past Windows 10 had a critical screenshot in color verde while Windows 98 and Windows Vista they used a Red Screen of Death to indicate critical errors related to the graphics card.

Black Screenshot of Death Windows 11

One of the many static changes in Windows 11

The blue screen black shift is one of many static changes that we are going to see in Windows 11. Other examples are the more rounded icons offered by the next Microsoft operating system, the taskbar located in the center or new animations, although the most interesting thing for players is not to arrive in the static but in the technical, with the fully integrated Xbox app in the operating system and the ability to natively install Android applications.

If you want to see the new aesthetic changes or try the new functions of Windows 11 you can do it thanks to the Windows Insider program as we explained to you in this news.

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