This week is E3 and Summer Game Fest, in addition to other publisher events. One of them is Wholesome Direct 2021 to be held on June 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Spanish peninsula, and promises to show great games for this year and next. This digital event will be focused on 75 independent games, some of which will be on sale that day. This event is organized by the Guerilla Collective and hopes to give a bit of promotion to those releases that normally do not get all the attention of E3, since normally the big blockbusters monopolize all the attention. “We will have announcements of new games, exclusive material and even titles that will be released during the show,” says the official account. It can be followed by the usual platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch.

The “wholesome” games are usually those simple and relaxing, who prefer to tell intimate and introspective stories, or gameplay that really has no competitive purpose or peak. Some of the projects that will be present in the program are the fishing game Moonglow Bay, the game about a music band We are OFK and the farm game Ooblets.

Games don’t need to be serious

The idea for Wholesome Games was born by developer Matthew Taylor when he started recommending a series of games about comfort and compassion on Twitter. The community grew on Twitter, Discord, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. “For many years the most critically acclaimed games have been those with dark themes and the darkest vision of life, but there are also all a world of video games with hope, rich stories, innovative gameplay, beautiful art and sound. We want to be part of the showcase of the variety of experiences that games can give players, “say the organizers.

“Wholesome Games is not synonymous with ‘good games’ and We believe that every type of game can and should coexist, including horror and violent games that we do not recommend. Each game occupies one child, and while our group is dedicated to highlighting games from one of these groups, we also play and love games that are not part of the genre. “

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