Just over a year ago, PlayStation gamers were able to relive part of one of the greatest Japanese role-playing games of all time in a whole new way thanks to Final Fantasy VII Remake, the reinvention of a title that once swept Spain and the rest of the planet and that returned in April 2020 through the front door as we told you in our analysis.

Last year’s title was just the first part reinvention of the game in which the events that occurred in Midgard were narrated to us and we will have to wait for Final Fantasy Remake 2 o Part 2 to continue rediscovering again everything that will happen to Cloud, Tifa and company.

At the moment Square Enix has been quite silent about this second installment although this year we will have new information about it in a somewhat unusual way, since the next July a is published book called Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Plus in which we are going to be able to read some details or clues from the next installment of the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Plus is an extended version of a book that was released in October of last year that discussed the development of the first part of the remake. In this new edition there will be a series of Q&A with Motomu Toriyama, Game Co-Director, in which they will speak “of some memorable scenes in the game and we will also discuss the details of a certain scene that offer us clues for the next delivery“.

Before the book … Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Before the arrival of this book in which we will be able to read some new clues from Final Fantasy VII Remake Parte 2 we can enjoy on PS5 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a Enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII for PS5 It will arrive as a free update for players of the game on PS4 (except for those with the title on PS +). In addition, we can also enjoy new adventures in Final Fantasy VII Remake thanks to new content that will star Yuffie Kisaragi. You have a complete preview of everything that is included in this link.

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