Watch Dogs Legion is the most recent installment of the saga, having debuted in Spain and around the world at the end of 2020. While waiting to receive the 60 fps mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on 1st June, This week it was time to look back at the beginning of the series. At first, the Watch Dogs original from 2014 was really going to be a reboot of the saga Driver from Ubisoft. However, it ended up becoming a new IP with its own seal. A source from the French company wanted to share how was this process.

Watch Dogs it was going to be an ambitious reboot of Driver

Journalist Jeremy Peel has been in charge of writing in VG247 what happened to that missing game of Driver which ended up becoming a completely different new IP: Watch Dogs. The project started out as a very ambitious reboot of this driving title, but Ubisoft Montreal started adding so many new items that they ended up transforming the game into something completely their own. This work was taking place at the same time as Driver: San Francisco (2011) was finalizing its details in Ubisoft Reflections.

While Reflections is the development studio that had held the reins of the Driver series for a long time, the truth is that Montreal stepped onto the pitch with the goal of giving Driver an ambitious new twist.. The thing is, the matter just got out of hand, and they ended up creating the first Watch Dogs starring Aiden Pearce. A character to return in Legion with Wrench thanks to the DLC Bloodline Story.

Technology and piracy kept this project away from the Driver saga

“It was always set in current times”, pointed out a source from Ubisoft to Peel, when addressing what that Driver game could have been. “I had walking, parkour, combat and driving activities, all set in a large open world city. The main hook was always modern technology and piracy. After a while trying to make this concept fit into the Driver saga, the decision was made to make it his own new IP“.

The problem in itself was not so much the act of implementing driving mechanics and configuring the city, but To what extent did the introduction of the whole pirate business move this project away from the saga? Driver. Finally, from Ubisoft they made the decision to bet on creating something completely new. The funny thing is that it is not the first time something like this has happened to them: the saga Assassin’s Creed, which is going through one of its best moments, was born precisely as a reboot of Prince of Persia.

“Ubisoft wanted to have their own GTA”

While it is not clear when the decision was made to turn its back on the Driver saga and go for a new IP, it seems that the lukewarm commercial success of Driver: San Francisco was the trigger for Ubisoft to take a step in a completely different new direction. The source explains it like this: “Ubisoft Montreal just did their thing and convinced Yves [Guillemot, el CEO de la compaa] what could I have ‘your own GTA’ instead of the low-selling Driver“.

“A London of the near future is mired in repression, surveillance and fascismBut large corporations and corrupt governments face a powerful adversary: the people united“, we write in our analysis from Legion, available in PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y PS5, as in Google Stadia. We also leave you our guide tips and tricks around here.

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