Ubisoft has confirmed that the next update of Watch Dogs Legion, llamada Title Update 4.5, include 60 frames per second graphics option on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. Last month it was announced that the game would receive this option for those players who would prefer a greater fluidity in the action, rather than a limitation to 30 fps with lighting effects. ray-tracing. Most games, including from Ubisoft itself, usually give the possibility of choosing the graphic mode in new generation games. TU 4.5 adds other new features and eliminates bugs -especially those related to Mina- that you can find out in detail on its official page.

“It is a game that is much more colorful at night than during the day. with the ray tracing, everything gains more packaging, with a quantity of reflections that sometimes reaches the absurd when we are in a building where almost everything is made of glass or reflective ceramic “, we told you about his graphics in the analysis.

The whole population can be your next hero

“The recreation of London, at a visual and sound level, is at times incredible, although more or less common bugs make the result dirty. But it is that risky and functional idea of ​​not having a protagonist, but a resistance made up of citizens of the British city that we want to recruit, what differentiates it and what gives it a playable and plot personality. But more important than all this: Legion It is hilarious and little that you like his proposal we recommend giving it a try“, we conclude in the opinion.

Watch Dogs Legion recibir

The most striking feature of this open world action game is that any character in London can be our character, in addition to maintaining the playing style of Watch Dogs, with action, open world and a multitude of hacking devices that open up many possibilities to solve each mission.

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