Watch Dogs Legion has received an update on the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 versions that adds a 60 frames per second performance mode, highly demanded by a part of the players. Most games today offer a quality mode with high resolutions and enhanced effects, such as ray-tracing, along with the ability to play at 60 fps using dynamic resolutions; This was not the case with the Ubisoft title, which in its debut and until now limited the game to 30 fps also in the new generation.

The channel ElAnalistaDeBits has returned to Watch Dogs Legion to compare the game between the two consoles after the last update. According to the analysis there are no noticeable changes in shadow quality, textures or drawing distance between quality and performance mode on either console, and even the resolution is quite similar: “The resolution in the three consoles remains in its dynamic range in this mode, although in some areas I have been able to notice 5% less resolution compared to the 30 FPS mode”.

Therefore, the only section that suffers cuts is the ray-tracing in the reflections, but in return about 60 fps are achieved steadily, although “the Xbox versions suffer some tearing at specific moments,” says the channel. In global performance mode is recommended, since there is not a great difference in the detail between one mode or another, but the fluidity does suppose a great improvement -especially during the action and control of vehicles-.

An update that also adds cross-play between the same family of consoles

There are many other new features in update 4.5, among which the possibility to play with friends on the same family of consoles: Xbox One players will be able to play Xbox Series X / S players; and PlayStation 4 players with PlayStation 5 players.

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