Watch Dogs Legion, the latest installment in the Ubisoft hacker saga, will receive a new free update what to bring to the game your give 4.5. Among all the improvements that will bring, without a doubt the most important is a new cooperative mode for four players in which the gang of hackers will have to face off against hordes of zombies. This new DLC was shown today for the first time, as well as its very successful title: Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead.

On IGN they have published a extensive video gameplay of this new game mode that will arrive tomorrow at Watch Dogs Legion, but that will be expanded with more content and improvements, since it is an alpha version. In the specialized environment have also been able to speak with Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, director of the game, to comment on this new and peculiar addition.

Hackers vs. zombies in post-Brexit London

I think there is something inherently fun about playing with zombies, beyond the instant gratification of destroying them “, explains Cambiotti in the interview available in Spanish, in which he also details some playable details of Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead: “We made the decision to make the zombies slower but deadly. They can be used as a gameplay tool to wreak havoc by luring them into Albion’s fortified skins as you sneak in and save your precious ammo for another fight. “

The idea of ​​the study, according to the director of the game, is to give importance to this mode based on the comments of the community: “We want players to have fun using different strategies and feel that there is always something different to try. That’s why we started small and plan to update the game frequently, “he explains. Nor does it rule out that Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead may end up becoming a standalone IP, but for the moment they want to focus on reusing the mechanics of the base game and see how far the possibilities go in this way.

Watch Dogs Legion It was released late last year for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our analysis here and take a look at our guide here.

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