Ubisoft launch the update 4.0 from Watch Dogs Legion throughout this tuesday May 4th on all platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. Planned for the end of April and delayed To avoid mistakes, it is made up of two parts: a heroine with telekinetic powers along with a new mission for season pass holders; Y new co-op missions, skills and other free news for all players.

The aforementioned heroin is Mina Sidhu, a test subject who has joined DedSec. His powers allow him control enemies or disorient them, an ability that recharges by incapacitating opponents. The mission, Swipe Right, dealing with the sale of Egyptian antiquities to an extremist organization. These contents are exclusive for those who have the season pass or are subscribed to Ubisoft +.

The other part of the update is free for all players. On the one hand there are the new contents for the online mode: three cooperative missions (two expand the history of the Kelley Clan and another that of Albion), five small commissions for a player, two gadgets for cooperative mode (one drone that heals and one that blocks projectiles).

Watch Dogs Legion parche 4.0

Se aaden two classes to citizens who can be found around London. The workers of the emergency service they can place shields; while the DJ They use music to disturb enemies and to improve their comrades. There is also changes in recruits: their hair and tattoos can be changed at the same time that they can come with five new perks:

  • Pickpocket: they earn money with every takedown.
  • Stuntman: suffer less damage from collisions, explosions and falls.
  • Wanted: Albion and the Kelley Clan will attack him as soon as he is seen.
  • Hoarder: can carry more ammo.
  • Second Wind: Gain health by quickly defeating enemies.

The DLC of the above Watch Dogs and of Assassin’s Creed They will arrive in June and August

Ubisoft promises more news for Watch Dogs Legion in the next few weeks. TO end of May two player vs player modes will be added to the Online mode, Extraccin and Invasin, along with a new tactical operation, Project Omni. Holders of the Battle Pass will also have the quest Bloodline at the end of June (in which Aiden Pearce and Wrenche return) and in August missions starring Darcy, belonging to the Brotherhood of Assassins from Assassin’s Creed. Soon there will also be a patch to play Legion a 60 fps en PS5 y Xbox Series X/S.

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