The E3 2021 It will be held this weekend, from June 12 to 15, completely virtual, with conferences and online presentations by the main companies in the sector. One of them, Warner Bros. Games, recently confirmed that your event will take place on June 13th, although without specifying what time we will be able to see him in Spain, and today he has detailed which games to take to his presentation.

Or rather, Warner Bros. Games has confirmed which games not to teach at its own E3 2021 conference. A company spokesperson spoke with Tech Radar to reveal that at their event slo show Back 4 Blood, the new cooperative zombie game from Turtle Rock Studios, responsible for the series Left 4 Dead. This means that some of the most anticipated titles from this publisher will not appear at the event: ni Hogwarts Legacy, ni Gotham Knights, ni Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will have a place at the Warner Bros. Games conference at E3 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights Y Suicide Squad saldrn in 2022

It should be remembered that none of these three games will come out this year: Warner Bros. Games announced earlier this year Hogwarts Legacy delay its launch until 2022, Gotham Knights also postponed its premiere until next year and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League it was announced directly for 2022. Back 4 Blood, the only game the company will show at E3 2021, has also already suffered several delaysIt was originally going to be in stores this month, but in March October 12 was marked as its new release date.

The official account and Twitter of Summer Game Fest 2021, the other major video game event of June, has also confirmed that Warner Bros. Games will not have a presentation of its own and has confirmed that the company only intends to talk about Back 4 Blood this summer. The Geoff Keighley event will kick off on June 10th and included Warner Bros. Games as one of the attending firms, but now we know that they will only be attending the event to show off what’s new at Turtle Rock Studios.

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