WarioWare is one of the most peculiar sagas of Nintendo and has a multitude of titles for various platforms of the company. The mechanics of WarioWare is simple: overcome a large crowd of Minigames, each one more crazy and imaginative, that follow one after another in a very short period of time. Most puzzles have very simple and intuitive controls so they can be played by all kinds of player profiles. The last delivery the saga received was in 2018 for Nintendo 3DS, titled WarioWare Gold, a very complete title.

Through a survey, Nintendo could have hinted at a new installment of WarioWare

Fans of WarioWare are waiting for new news about the saga and it seems that since Nintendo they want to test up to what level that desire reaches. Recently, the user Beta64 has shared a Nintendo official survey that was sent to his wife and in which the saga was directly mentioned. Although the user does not specify the rest of the questions that were asked in the survey, he wanted to focus attention on the minigame saga. According to the screenshot, the question reads as follows: “At a price of 49,99 $How interested would you be in buying the next game in the series? WarioWare? “. This is a very specific question and could indicate that in Nintendo They will be planning their return.

Although the survey itself does not specify more details about how this possible delivery could be, there are some other users who have received the same survey with slight changes in questions. For example, a user has reported that in his survey the exact same question is kept, but with a variation in the price: instead of 49,99 $, Nintendo ask if the respondent would be interested in buying a new game in the series 39,99 $ and even a 29,99 $. This small change could have occurred so that Nintendo you can do a better survey and choose the most suitable price. Do you think there are chances of seeing a new WarioWare at E3 2021 and take full advantage of the playable capabilities of Nintendo Switch?

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