Sega has shown several videos of Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, the return of the pioneering 3D fighting saga to PlayStation 4 that will be available on June 1 as part of the titles included in PS Plus, and in Japanese arcades on June 2. These trailers show various aspects of the game, from its new introduction to the different modes and the graphical comparison. Ultimate Showdown is a review of Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown with the Dragon Engine, used in the sagas Yakuza Y Judgment, so the textures, modeling and lighting are more advanced than the original recreational from 2006.

“Fight the best fighters in the world in the definitive remastering of the classic 3D fighting game,” says Sega. “With HD graphics, new online features, and all the combat and martial arts techniques from the acclaimed original game. Master the fighting style you like the most and defeat all opponents in the Fifth World Fighting Tournament and become a legend of Virtua Fighter“.

Offer common modes such as Arcade, Training, Local Match, and Ranked Match, but special attention has been paid to online modes, such as Tournaments and League, with up to 16 players competing to be the best. Yes, Sega has confirmed that the online modes will use the technology of Final Showdown on console, 2012, and although it was well received at that time, it uses delay-based netcode and no rollback, which is preferred by many gamers to mask the appearance of lag.

The saga that laid the foundations of the 3D fight

Virtua Fighter 5 featured many of the regular characters in the series, such as Akira Yuki, Lau, Shun Di, Sarah Bryant or Kage, plus two additions: Eileen and El Blaze. With the update Virtua Fighter 5 R and its subsequent revisions, including Final Showdown Y Ultimate Showdown, joined the new Jean Kujo and recovered Taka-Arashi from Virtua Fighter 3.

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