Have you ever wanted to be a video game developer, and didn’t know where to start? Then Video Game Studio It could be the answer you are looking for: the Nintendo Switch software debuted on the hybrid platform on June 11, and has allowed users to even recreate titles such as Hotline Miami or F-Zero. The next September 10 will be available its physical edition in SpainAlthough the game is already available on Nintendo eShop for 29.99, where it includes a free demo.

Videogame studio, for future developers

“Children, adults, puzzle fans, people with some programming knowledge or absolutely no idea how a game works on the inside with Video game studio It is not necessary to have previous experience, “they detail from Nintendo.” On the contrary, the game is designed so that learning is very gradual and is articulated in such a way that the basics of programming and computational thinking in a progressive and entertaining way “.

In this way, the software allows anyone to dare to create their own video games, offering the basic precepts and increasing knowledge through seven interactive lessons that have been devised by the minds of Nintendo. By introducing characters called nodon, players can learn about the different “pieces” that help a video game come to life: for example, they help us understand how the actions performed by characters within a video game are linked.

The physical version of Video Game Studio arrives on September 10

“Each of the nodon has its own personality and plays a specific role within your creations,” explains Nintendo at the time of the game’s announcement. “There is nodon for everything: from the one that makes a character jump when you press a button to the one that plays cool music, going through the gravity modifier and much more. “This way, players will have tools that range from buttons and tilts to visual effects, counters and much more. In addition, it includes the Free programming mode where we can apply what we have learned as we like best.

Video Game Studio managed to exceed in sales figures Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Y Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte during its launch in Japan. We remind you that the digital version is now available on Nintendo Switch along with its free demo; while the physical version will arrive on September 10. “It is complex and intimidating, but it is also a satisfying puzzle,” we wrote in our analysis.

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