The market for player chairs It exploded a few years ago in Spain offering us seats specially designed for all of us who spend many hours in front of the computer either working or playing and who need our seat to be perfect to be able to rest our back and avoid pain and injury in the spine.

The creators of these chairs, in addition to improving their comfort, have also wanted to continue innovating to attract a certain type of public with all kinds of special editions such as that of Vertagear PL4500 Swarovski, an “improved” version of the PL4500 that, as you can guess, has as its main added a Swarovski crystals series.

These crystals will not help us rest our back or play, but they are a good treat for gamers more luxurious that can boast of have a seat with Swarovski crystals embedded in the intersections of the chair seams that end in purple. In fact, these crystals are the only difference compared to the traditional Vertagear PL4500, which is a good seat to play with with 4D armrests, lumbar and vertical cushions or other characteristics that we usually look for in this type of seat.

If you want to know the price of the chair with the Swarovski crystals is $ 599.99, “only” 100 more than the standard edition of the Vertagear PL4500 which was a good performance seat with a somewhat high price.

Luxury chair

Real Madrid chairs, Doom Eternal …

This Vertagear movement is the most luxurious but it is not something unique, since the manufacturers of these chairs are used to launching special editions of their seats with all kinds of decorations and motifs. For example, in Vandal Ware we have talked about chairs decorated with Doom or Fallout logos and for the most soccer fans there are also seats from Real Madrid or Atltico de Madrid.

What chair do you use to play on your PC or console?

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