Valve may re-develop games on consoles, just as I did more than a decade ago. It was the company’s own CEO, Game Newell, who started the rumors about some kind of announcement at the end of this year, something that many have interpreted as the launch of Half-Life: Alyx in virtual reality – at the moment it is only announced on PS5 with PS VR2 – but it could be any other project like Dota Underlords.

During a question and answer session posted on Reddit, Newell is asked if we will see more Steam games – understood to refer to Valve titles – on consoles. At first Newell is hesitant in his answer but finally replies that “You will have a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat by the end of this year”, causing a surprise among an audience who expected some kind of refusal or at least a more discouraging reaction.

Of course it is not the first time that Valve works on consoles. Since the first Half-Life -adapted by Gearbox Software to PS2- Counter-Strike, The Orange Box -with Portal, Half-Life 2 and its more expansions Team Fortress 2-, Left 4 Dead Y Portal 2, the developer has launched its great successes on these platforms. In recent years Valve has committed to working on more titles and earlier this year there was talk of several unannounced projects: “Alyx It was great, to get back to making single player games, it created momentum within the company to do more. We definitely have games in development and they will be announced, it’s fun to release games. “

Is Citadel one of the console games?

One of the strongest rumors about Valve’s upcoming is Citadel, a name that appeared in the code of DOTA 2 and that relate to stealth, exploration of the paths of artificial intelligence and has a minimap of aerial view that makes use of the Source 2 engine. The Valve News Network, dedicated to news and rumors of the company, assured that it is not the great virtual reality project that they have underway at Valve, but it could be a tactical strategy game.

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