Valve you don’t want to miss the E3 2021, and has already set off all the alarms by indicating that will make an “announcement on Steam” during the Los Angeles date. Gabe Newell’s company will be present at the PC Gaming Show of this year, and it is that space where they will share the relevant information related to your digital store. It is possible that the signature of Gabe Newell offer the official details of SteamPal, the portable console similar to Nintendo Switch capable of running Steam games.

Valve and Steam: Also present at E3 2021

Since PC Gamer have shared this week some of the content we can expect from this year’s PC Gaming Show, which will last 90 minutes and start on June 13 at 11:30 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). That is when the media indicated that in this space will be made “a message from Valve about Steam”, although no further details have been provided.

However, all eyes are on the project that was leaked in the middle of last May: SteamPal, which was mentioned in the Steam beta. It is, according to the first information, a portable system capable of running PC games hosted on Steam. Described as “a portable console for PC games”, Valve is expected to share information regarding this hardware during their appointment at the PC Gaming Show.

Valve may introduce SteamPal during this year’s PC Gaming Show

With code name Neptune, in the Steam beta the button assignments, a dedicated interface, system settings and other features. As indicated at the time from ArsTechnica, we will be talking about “an all-in-one PC with gamepad controls and a touch screen”. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, SteamPal will not include detachable controllers like the Joy-Con, but this console does “dock” to larger monitors thanks to a USB Type-C port.

Own Gabe Newell He was already in charge of letting it drop that Valve had some other surprises in store for this year. During his speech at New Zealand’s Sancta Maria College in early May, Newell was asked if the Steam store will be available on consoles in the future. That’s when Valve’s CEO noted the following: “You will have a better idea of ​​that by the end of this year … and it will not be the answer you expect.”.

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