At the end of April the latest update of Valuing, the hero shooter competitive online from Riot Games, but no new character was added to it as many players expected. The company made it clear that they were prioritizing the quality of the bonus content over the quantity, so more focused updates would follow. Now those responsible for the successful title have confirmed that in version 3.0 there will be a new character from Valuing.

“We have designed an agent with skills that will be familiar to you if you’ve been playing first person shooters traditional, but with some added elements that will make them unique within our context. It is an agent that has utility with which you can create moments in which you will depend on your skill with weapons“, they explain in a new entry on their official blog, in which a strange image has also been shared that seems to be related to this new character.

Logo of the new Valorant character.

‘Duality’, new trailer of lore from Valuing

However, and despite the fact that they have already confirmed that this new character will be available in the next update, have not disclosed their name or the release date of version 3.0 of Valuing. The company seems to want to keep everything shrouded in mystery until it finally finds out which hero or heroine will join the game’s roster and when. What they have published is a new video of lore called ‘Duality’, which tells the story after the trailer ‘Duelists’ in which the heroes of the game faced a new and strange threat. You can see what happened next below:

Valuing they premiered just a year ago, on June 6, 2020, and has been growing in the competitive PC community ever since. On Vandal we were able to play it thoroughly and in our analysis that “it is a game as balanced and as well designed in weapons and maps as the shooter of Valve from which he drinks [Counter Strike], if not more; but to which it adds another strategic layer with the agents, which entails more decisions, more differences between one game and the next, a ceiling as a higher player“.

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