Fighting toxicity in video games It is a battle that many studios fight on a daily basis, something that is especially present in competitive multiplayer team games, such as Valuing, what has prompted Riot to take a drastic and controversial step: start making recordings of player voice chat.

Fighting toxicity

“We know that there are many problematic behaviors in our voice chat, something that worries many players, so we are committed to solving this in a more effective way,” the developer explained in a statement. “In order to take action against players who use voice chat to harass others, spread hate speech, or engage in any other type of problematic behavior, we need to know what players are saying.“.

For now, Riot only record the voice chat of Valuing, but with this new policy it would not be strange that this measure ends up reaching other games in the study. As they have explained, they will not use this to constantly monitor the chat, but to be able to check the accusations and reports that other players send about the problematic users.

Riot’s action game

Valuing is a first person shooter game for PC focused on competitive multiplayer that can be played for free. If you want to know more about it, we recommend our analysis, where we tell you that “Valuing It is an experience that will reward them with tense situations, with victories to celebrate as if they had won the Champions League and with defeats from which you can always get something to grow as a player. It is a game as balanced and as well designed in weapons and maps as the shooter of Valve from which he drinks, if not more; but to which he adds one more strategic layer with the agents, which entails more decisions, more differences between one game and the next, a higher ceiling as a player. For the rest, nothing prevents you from giving it a try, since it is free, but it is undeniable that the effort it asks for is not, far from it, for everyone “.

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