Valheim has surpassed six million copies sold during its Early Access, becoming one of the indie hits of the season. This survival game with Norse mythology allows you to fight and build buildings, and thanks to a player’s discovery, you can also make buildings in places where you previously thought impossible: underwater. AcanthisittaAny3260 comments on Reddit that There is a way to build, or perform any action that could be done on the surface, but in submerged ground.

To do this trick it is necessary that our character touches the seabed, something that can be achieved if we place inclined slopes -roof pieces, for example- in the water. In this way, when swimming below, the character will step on the ground and Valheim consider that we are no longer swimming, but walking – the resistance bar will fill normally. In this position you can start to buildFor example, a bridge or structures over water.

Building underwater from r/valheim

A game to keep improving in the coming months

Valheim invites us to explore a procedurally generated world with mystical lands, mysterious forests and snow-capped mountain ranges, with legendary creatures to fight and wildlife to hunt. It also includes cooperative multiplayer to face dangers in company or build fortresses and ships with which to navigate to new lands. “Your trials begin in the peaceful unarmed center of ValheimBut the gods reward the mighty and glory awaits you. Venture through towering forests and snow-capped mountains, exploring and collecting valuable materials to create more deadly weapons, tougher armor, Viking fortresses and outposts. Build a mighty ship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands … but be careful to sail too far … “. You can find out more with our impressions of the game in development.

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