Mario Golf: Super Rush It was put on sale last Friday, June 25, and we have already analyzed it. Despite the fact that Mario’s new golf title lacks a generous offering of single-player modes and has some objectionable elements when it comes to its motion control, It has been a very rewarding and accessible experience for us. Among our praises is the new Quick Golf mode, which allows great customization in your games. It is precisely in this last way that we come to talk to you, although perhaps not in the way you expect.

@daniel.labelle If people golfed in a rush. @caleblabelle1 ♬ original sound – Daniel LaBelle

Video recreates Quick Golf mode in real life

In Fast Golf mode, players compete by running around the golf course as they try to get their ball into the hole. Certainly, the mode is so fast and crazy that one would think that recreating it in real life would be totally impossible, although this has not been the case. TikTok user Daniel LaBelle has shared a clip in which We can see him together with a group of colleagues with whom he recreates the Fast Golf mode in real life. Of course, the result is fun and shows the chaos that will be practicing this mode on a normal golf course; players do all kinds of stunts and perform various stampedes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is a golf game with fantastic playability, very well designed courses and very interesting and fun ideas when it comes to creating new and crazy variants of this sport. However, he cannot finish finishing off this paragon of virtues because of the short fuse it has to play alone and the limitations of its multiplayer, leaving it halfway back to being something really round and flawless. Be it one way or another, It is a title that knows how to entertain and animate an evening with friends, and its story mode is extremely entertaining, so you would do well to take a look at a little that you like this sport and you fancy a good exponent of the genre “, we tell you in our analysis.

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