Here’s the good news for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass users: Microsoft just announced that Undertale, one of the biggest indie phenomena of the past decade, is set to debut for the first time on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. And the best of all, be available from tomorrow in Spain and in the rest of the world, both to buy and to enjoy through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service if we are members.

One of the best indies of the past decade

Undertale was originally released exclusively for PC in 2015, offering us a quirky and surprising role-playing adventure which goes completely against the current of the classical conceptions of the genre. So much so that we can pass the game without killing a single enemy, since its turn-based combat system allows us to dialogue with them to become their friends and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Depending on how we play and what we do, history will take us to one end or another, although in between we will experience all kinds of surprising and unusual situations. Although it is usually compared to works like Shin Megami Tensei The Earthbound, from which he drinks and is inspired, Tobyfox’s production has its own personality and ideas, which earned him international applause from both critics and the public. Thanks to this, it ended up reaching consoles and, now, Xbox too.

Image of Undertale on Xbox

If you want to know more about Undertale and why we liked it so much, you can consult the analysis that we dedicate to it in Vandal, where it took a score of 9.8 and we firmly affirm that it is a “masterpiece” and an “essential”.

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